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2013年9月4日 by admin

With the quick development of society economy and continuous acceleration of urbanization process, urban vehicle population continues to increase and urban traffic demands increase sharply. Many problems about traffic that includes traffic congestion, traffic accidents, environmental pollution and energy shortage have become a universal problem. Encourage public transport and pay attention to pedestrian traffic, has been the important management strategy to achieve green traffic in many countries and regions. As the complex urban transportation network node, passenger hub is the area of vary transport mode transforming and vary direction passenger flow assembling based on joining the vary transport mode and exerting its function fully. The service level and transfer efficiency of passenger hub affects the attractive power to the passengers directly, and at the same time it is the key joint to improve the convenience, amenity and safety of urban transportation system.Constructing micro behavior models and related algorithms based on computer function and data simulation technology is one of the efficient approaches to understanding the complex evolution phenomenon of pedestrian traffic flow in passenger transfer hub. Most of current pedestrian flow simulation models and software are designed for the safety evacuation simulation and parameters of the models were always foreign standards. Its needed improved in the micro pedestrian traffic behavior theory and navigation model and algorithm of pedestrian agent for simulating the complex evolution process of pedestrian traffic flow in the complex passenger transfer hub in which the activities are varies.Firstly, pedestrian traffic flow models and related simulation technology developing status were introduced in this paper, the pedestrian traffic characteristics were analyzed in the passenger transfer hub based on the field experimental data, including the pedestrian traffic behavior, fundamental diagram of pedestrian traffic flow of vary pedestrian facilities, chaos characteristics of short-term pedestrian traffic flows. The outputs showed that the pedestrian free speed in transfer hub is higher than other environments and most pedestrian facility traffic flow have chaos characteristics, except escalators.Pedestrian behavior theory and models were analyzed based on traffic engineering and cognitive psychology theories. Pedestrian activity for receiving service of facility was analyzed, which was absent in current pedestrian behavior theory, and service activity model was constructed. A micro pedestrian behavior theory framed was proposed completely, pedestrian dynamic model and choice model of stairs and escalators were calibrated based on field data. Based on Schemata terminology and the object affordance theory in cognitive psychology field, the constructing and function of passenger transfer hub were analyzed, passenger transfer hub facilities were classified and abstract by the function and construction analyzing. The facility topology network model was constructed based on the link and trait point definition.A complete agent navigation model was constructed based on Montello navigation theory, micro pedestrian traffic behavior and finite state machine model, and algorithms of behavior model in different level were proposed. Considering the limited vision of pedestrian agent,the velocity of current path as the main factor to route choice behavior, a quasi-static route choice model was proposed in this paper. Cooperation strategy of agents in the normal pedestrian traffic flow was concerned, a dynamic target updating algorithm for agent in the passageway was proposed for resolving the deadlock of pedestrian agent at the curve conduit. By the proposed crowd holonic search method in this paper, dynamic crowd obstacles avoidance algorithm for pedestrian agent who in the little value pedestrian flow direction in the traffic interweave areas was proposed for resolve the deadlocks appearance in the interweave areas.Finally, considering the contiguous space and discrete time data of simulation system output, statistic method of pedestrian traffic flow parameters and density dynamic showing algorithm were proposed. The pedestrian social force model was validated based on field data and output data of PSSITH simulation system by using the Kolmogorove-Smirnove test method. The social force model which calibrated in this paper was compared with the related research data by analyzing the mean standard error of simulation and real data based on netlogo multi-agent simulation platform. The transfer time mean value of pedestrian in passenger transfer hub was analyzed by using student’s test method based on the real data which were collected from field. The chaotic characteristic of simulation short term pedestrian traffic volume was analyzing by using Lyapunov exponent index. Two real case were analyzed based on the PSSITH, bottlenecks analyze and pedestrian traffic demand loading methods were proposed in the case.This paper will enrich the pedestrian traffic behavior theory and improve the methodology, the navigation model and algorithm proposed in this paper can offer the key algorithm and theoretical foundation, so that researchers can analyze complex evolution process of pedestrian traffic flow more specifically

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