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2013年9月4日 by admin

SS304H steel SS304H steel prices SS304H china

In this thesis, I categorize four types of errors of the "ba" Construction in Altaic Chinese and figure out the internal error-generating mechanism, based on a large amounts of errors of the "ba"(把) Construction of Korean and Uygur stude nts and the Mongolian-Manchu Chinese. This study can help us further understan d the "ba" construction in mandarin and provide a new insight of the instructio n of "ba" construction in Chinese as a second language.The main arguments of the thesis are:1. It claims that the typical "ba" construction in Chinese is "S Neg/Aux BA O V Disposal R了" and its core meaning of the construction is "Disposal Causati ve".2. It categorizes the main error types of the "ba" Construction of Korean students, based on the large collections of the "ba" Construction errors of them.3. By analyzing the typical errors of the "ba" ConstSS304H steel SS304H steel prices SS304H chinaruction of Korean stude nts, it categorizes three types of error-generating mechanism:1) Object marker,2) the Causative structures,3) Object-embedded Sentence.4. It observes that in terms of "ba" construction, there are similarities amon g the error phenomena of Korean students and the features of dialects in New te rritory、Blue sea provinces and also in some other northern dialects described in historical documents. According to this observation, this thesis interprets the gen erating mechanism of "ba" Construction in the history. It claims that the leading role of "ba" in North Chinese has something to do with its contacts with the Altaic languages. Specifically, the resigning of "jiang(将)" and abruptly flourishin g of "ba"(把) in North Chinese, is due to the sound similarity between "ba" a nd the objective marker in the Jurchen and Manchu language, which is [ba] and [be]. It further holds that "surviving together" and "mutually rejecting" principle s are universally essential to borrowing mechanism in language contacts——"the essential features of Magnet", it is really worth referring to the theory of langua ge contact in linguistic universal.5. This thesis also claims that it is possible to use the four types of errors a ndSS304H steel SS304H steel prices SS304H china the analysis of the special "ba" Constructions in this thesis to predict the ot her contemporary Chinese dialects which have closely contacted with the Altaic 1 anguages and the historical Altaic Chinese documents.6. This thesis, by the typological comparisons of the pre-posing and post-pos ing of Negative and Auxiliary verbs, for the first time, points out the particularit y of the word order of "Neg/Aux+PP+VP" in Chinese and its remaining verbal f eatures of "ba" in the construction.7. By systematical analysis of the causative structures in Altaic, this thesis cl aims that the confusing usage of "Pivotal(使)" and "Disposal(把)" of Altaic Stu dents is because of the dual interference of object marker and the causative struc tures in Altaic.In the final chapter, some issues which need further studies are provided

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