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SS316L steel

2013年9月4日 by admin


The pure electric car is one of the engergy saving technology which is recognized by the whole world. At present time, government of each country and automotive industry have agreed on developing pure electric car, and itsSS316Levelopment has -steel become hot spot of automotive industry. Powertrain system is the key part of pure electric car, and it’s valued by more and more automotive companis and institues. DCT is the most concerned about in the automatic transmission. It has the SS316L-steelof AMT, and it can shift under the power on, so it has better power performance and comfortable adaptability. At present, the researches about pure electric car in our cou ntry are match and optimization on fix ratio reduction gear. No one has studied automation transmission which used in pure electric car, and there has never been a automatic transmission. This essay proposed a two gears DCT automation transmission system applied to pure electric car. And also proposed the CMAC nerve network control to slove the dry clutch control problem.The article’main contents are as follows.(1)Introduced the structure and the development state of the pure electric car powertrain, and made analysis about it. Introduced some transmissions of pure electric car. Also introduced DCT’s structure and principle. Base on the comparing various automation transmissioms, expressed the advantages of DCT. Summarized pure electric car requirements for automatiom transmission. Finally, show the main contents of this article.(2)There are several methods to improve the performance of electric car. For example, improving the performance of the motor, improving the performance of the battery and reducing the mass of car. But our research is match parameters of the prowertrain system to improve the performance. The performance evaluating indicator of pure electric vehicle was presented from two aspects: dynamic property and economic property, and the pure electric vechicle performance needs of our country were given. At the same time, the principle of the gear number and ratio design of transmission system of EV was introduced from two aspects mentioned before. In connection with the pure electric vechicle JF-EV this article involved, reduction gear with fixed ratio and transmission system parameter was designed, and its simulation was done by ADVISOR. The results showed that the performances of electric vechicle with two gears DCT were better in all aspects than electric vehicle with fixed ratio reduction gear. The concept of genetic algorithm was introduced, and the contents and use methods of genetic algorithm tool box. Taking two-gears DCT as example, the use process of genetic algorithm was illustrated, and the ratio of two-gear DCT was optimized combining with ADVISOR. Lastly, certain performances of EV with and without optimation were compared. The result indicated that the travel distance was improved after the ratio of EV had been optimized under the premise of the dynamic property.(3)The dry clutch is the important part of two gears DCT. Controlling the dry clutch’move can make the transmission shift. The research of dry clutch characteristics is the key of control clutch better. Analysised and studied of the dry clutch diaphragm spring load characteristics, and calculated. load characteristics by A-L method. Established the dry clutch torque model about the combination process of dry clutch. Analysised various parameters which effect torque characteristics, including: reverse shock absorber, temperature and wear. And put forward the model of the clutch torque correction method.(4)The principle of actuator of two gears DCT was presented, and the structure and characteristic of proportional flow valve was introduced. The electric control unit of two gears DCT was designed, introducing the function and designed electric circuit. Because of the control system is nonlinear and there are some interferees, the traditional control system is difficult to ensure the control precision. This essay proposed the CMAC nerve network control method to slove the dry clutch control problem. And designed the intelligent controller.(5)The shift control of two gears DCT includes two parts. One is shift rule, another is moving rule of clutch. The evaluating indicator for shifting quality of two-gears DCT was summarized and analysed the effect of different overlap. In this paper, the pure electric car used two parameters type shift rule. According to the characteristics of pure electric car, developed the best economic optimum shift rule and the best power optimum shift rule. Finally, researched the up-shift and down-shift process of two gears DCT, and the SS316L-steelmethod for dry clutch was proposed. While the motor coordination control in shifting process was studied.(6)Analyzed the electric vehicle control system components and functions of the sub-controller of JF-EV. Based on the CAN of JF-EV, developed the data acquisition display software EV-View, and described the software works. Finally, did accelerated test, hill climbing test and shift test. The results showed that, JF-EV electric car meet the dynamic requirements and had a better shift quality SS316L

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