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S690Q/QL/QL1 Steel Plate

2015年12月4日 by admin

S690Q/QL/QL1 Steel Plate

1. S690 Fine Grain Structural Steel Plate
S690 steel plate is a high strength quenched and tempered fine-grain structural steel. With minimum yield strength of 690 Nmm2, this grade is intended for structural applications where weight savings is important. It’s an EN specification designed to achieve a 100 ksi minimum yield point. The specification itself is comparable to some ASTM standards (i.e. A514), but it is not required to comply with exactly the same tolerances. The tolerances for S690 plates can be found in EN10029 and EN10064.
2. S355 Steel Plate Applications
Heavy road vehicles chassis, dumper bodies
Crane construction booms for mobile cranes
Structural steelworks bridge components, components for offshore structures
Pressure vessels fixed and transportable storage tanks, vessels
Power plants penstocks, spiral cases
Mining equipment roof supports
Load-handling equipment and masts
3. If you have any other requirement for steel plate, please feel free to contact us.


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