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2013年9月4日 by admin

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Japanese and Chinese do not belong to one language family, but there are a lot of words in the same forms between them, of which there are a considerable numbers of homographs. The study in Japanese and Chinese homographs is of great significance in Japanese and Chinese language teaching. In addition, it also involves problems of language contact between Japanese and Chinese, and it’s also of great significance in the research of lexical history, especially in the historical evolution of meaning. The goal of this paper is to find the motivation and patterns in the process of meaning evolution by a comparative study of Japanese and Chinese homographs.In the first chapter, I reviewed the background of Japanese and Chinese homographs and described what is Japanese and Chinese homographs, the signifinance of this study and the present research status, and gave an account of the research materials and methods.On this basis, in the second chapter I described the distribution of Japanese and Chinese homographs and its position in Japanese and Chinese as well as the previous researc SS304 steel ,SS304 steel prices,SS304 chinah, and then I presented my point of view to study Japanese and Chinese homographs with a combanation of synchronic and diachronic perspectives. In addition, I also did some case studies of representative two-syllable words and monosyllabic words, and put forward my own views by further in-depth analysis. First of all, I believe that the current studies of Japanese and Chinese homographs can only describe the process of meaning evolution, but can not derive a theory to explain the meaning evolution by summarized results obtained from the analysis. Secondly, exploring the patterns of meaning evolution needs at least two premises, that is, to make it clear that what is the meaning first and second to establish the methods to describe meaning and meaning evolution.Next, in the third chapter, I discusses the relationship between language contact and the study of Chinese and Japanese homographs. To determine the etymological relationship between languages such as Japanese and Chinese, which are difficult to establish the rules of the phonetic correspondence, it is limited to apply the previous method of comparative linguistics in Europe. We should find out the mechanism of language contact, but we can only assume that there are stages of language contact now.In summary, by the research and analysis of the language contact between Japanese and Chinese through case studies of Japanese and Chinese homographs, I obtained the conclusion that the Japanese and Chinese share a common concept,which is quite common. I think we can assume that some kind of "core meaning" exists. And in order to accurately describe the process of the meaning evolution of Japanese and Chinese homographs, we need a common coordinate between Japanese and Chinese, which means to establish a precise and universal method to describe the meaning. A key point in describing the meaning evolution is the dynamic perspective in the lexical conceptual structure and generative lexicon. This view believes that there should be a "core meaning " first, while the other meaning and usage are generated from the core meaning. This is one of the indispensable elements to establish a method to describe the meaning evolution.This paper, which is based on single case studies, explained the study of Japanese and Chinese homographs theoretically, and fixed its position in linguistics since its establishment to present, and made clear the significance of the study of Japanese and Chinese homographs.  SS304 steel ,SS304 steel prices,SS304 china

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